Saturday, November 18, 2017

Broken Soul. The narrator is a famous person. Can you guess who he/she is/was?

I taint everything I touch. It all withers and dies. It’s been like this ever since I was a child. Dad left, Mum died of tuberculosis… 

The dark hand of death comes out of my chest like a tentacle ready to grasp its prey and I cannot do anything to stop it.

I turn to the written word to forget my sorrows and create black tales of fear and horror. It does help a bit … sometimes. I also turn to the bottle and it blesses me with the oblivion I crave.

But nothing can help me now. The love of my life is dying and I'm unable to alleviate her pain.

I know what it will be like when she’s gone. I won’t be able to go on. She’s unwittingly sentenced me to death.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Bernard Cornwell The Last Kingdom Audiobook

Mrs Dalloway full movie with SPA subtitles

Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolf Audiobook


So fragile…
The baubles 
That Mum hung
From our silvery tree.

So fragile …
The tinsel 
That Dad
Took out of
That old cardboard box.

So fragile…
The colored flutes
We drank from
When the clock
Struck twelve.

So fragile…
The Nativity scene
Made of painted clay.
The sweet little Mary
In her sky blue robe.

So fragile…
My dreams
And my innocence.
My belief 
The Three Kings
Would visit me.

So fragile…
Those past Christmases
Now populated by ghosts
That I cannot touch

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Lines (a poem about aging)

It’s the lines …
The lines, 
They cut my wings,
The lines.

It’s the image in the mirror,
It’s the wondering
And the fear.
Will we still be together
When our bones are brittle glass?
Will you still hold my hand?

It’s the sadness in the eyes,
And the heaviness on the shoulders.
It's not understanding…
And the lines.

It’s the calm on my green sea,
It’s a wise word on my lips.
It’s knowing that you love me
And the lines.

It’s becoming weary,
Becoming smaller,
Behind the lines…

And the lines,
They break my back
They slow me down,
But there’s something 
They can’t touch.
For my soul,
My soul is still young.