Monday, November 28, 2016


I’ve lived in Madrid all my life except for three years I spent in  Valdepenas and Almasa after I passed the exam to be a civil servant.

A few days ago, I read it’s one of the best cities in the world to live. I’m not so sure about it myself… I probably don’t value it as much as I should because I’ve always lived here.

My children, my daughter in particular, are crazy about Madrid and wouldn’t change it for the world.

The truth is we have a bit of everything over here. Big universities, hospitals, department stores, parks…

I’m sure you have heard of Prado Museum and Retiro Park. 

Prado Museum houses one of the best art collections in the world. And it’s not the only art museum we have in the city. We also have Reina Sofia, Sorolla Museum…

Retiro Park is huge and is home to a lovely lake, a zoo, swings, a night club…

Then there is Casa de Campo, which is a huge forest within the city. Many people go there to ride their bikes or have a picnic at the weekend.

Inside Casa de Campo, there is an Amusements Park and a big zoo. I used to take my children there all the time when they were small.

My daughter loves going to the centre of Madrid. There you can find lots of bars and shops. Some of them are international, such as Starbucks and Zara, others just Spanish. Our bars are famous for their ‘tapas’. A tapa is a snack you’re given when you order a drink. 

In Puerta del Sol, you can find the biggest department store in Spain. It’s called Corte Ingles  and it has branches all over the country.

I live in Valdebernardo, a few subway stops from the centre and have the best of both worlds. My neighborhood is quiet and I can be in Puerta del Sol in half an hour.

Here in Valdebernardo we have a modern park and a little zoo called Faunia. There’s also a bicycle lane that connects us to the rest of the city.

So yes, I guess Madrid is a good place to live and work, but it’s a lot more expensive than the rest of Spain. If I didn’t work here, I’d probably move to the countryside…

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