Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Puppy Love

Melody was a very clever little witch, but even clever little witches must obey their parents and respect their wishes.

There was something Melody wanted more than anything else in the world: a puppy of her own. Every birthday, every Christmas, it was the first thing on her list. But she always got the same answer.

‘You know you can’t have a dog, Melody. Mum is allergic to all kinds of furry animals.’

Her Mum felt guilty, so she always offered her extravagant presents instead.

‘Wouldn’t you like a star to light your bedroom?’

‘No, Mum. I like my Cinderella lamp.’

‘How about a portable greenhouse for your rucksack?’

Melody loved plants and spent hours in the garden growing flowers and vegetables.

‘No, Mum. That’s a bit extreme. Thanks.’

Time went past and Melody was almost happy, but whenever she saw somebody walking a dog in the street, she got a pang of jealousy. How she wished she could have her own pet to love!

One Friday, when she was coming from school, slowly dragging her feet because her English teacher had given her a C and she was used to getting only As, she saw something brown moving behind a bush.

She stopped to look at it and noticed it was a tiny puppy.

‘Hi, sweetie,’ she said. ‘Are you all alone?’

The puppy, obviously, didn’t answer. Believe me when I tell you that people who say witches can talk to animals are lying. How do I know? Because I’m a witch myself, that’s why. 

Melody picked him up and saw that he didn’t have a collar.

‘Poor little thing! You must be so cold… And hungry.’

The little witch didn’t think of the consequences. She just decided to take the puppy home and hide him in her room.

Before she opened the door, she put him in her rucksack and hoped her parents wouldn’t notice.

‘Now, please, don’t move or bark, little one.’

Once in her room, she took him out and looked at him closely. He had shiny black eyes and an adorable wet nose.

‘I know what I’m going to call you. Rusty. Do you like it?’

The little dog licked her hand and Melody assumed that meant he was happy with his name.

At dinner time, Melody ate quickly and looked at her watch constantly. She just wanted to go back upstairs to be with her puppy.

When they were eating their soup, her mum started to sneeze.

‘Are you okay, Lisa?’ Melody’s father, Robert, asked.

‘It’s just my allergies, don’t worry.’

After a while, however, she got worse and had to stop eating.

Melody didn’t know what to do.

‘It’s my fault, Mummy,’ she said in the end. ‘I found this puppy when I was coming from school and…’

‘Don’t tell me there’s a dog in the house!’ her father said.

‘Yes, but he’s only tiny. He was all alone and…’

‘I don’t care. I want to see him now. Where is he?’

The whole family went up the stairs and into Melody’s room.

Rusty was sitting on the bed and started wagging his tail when they came in.

‘Oh! He’s so adorable!’ Lisa said. ‘Achoo!’

‘I’m sorry, Mummy. But I think I know what we can do. Linda has told me just today that there’s a solution. You could take antihistamines.’

Linda was Melody’s best friend and she was a human.


‘Antihistamines. They stop you from sneezing.’

That very evening, Lisa went to the doctor’s and asked for a prescription and Melody got to keep her puppy.

Which means this story has a happy ending for everybody involved.

Ten years have passed and Melody and Rusty are still together. How do I know? What if I tell you that even though I’ve been telling you this story in the third person, I’m Melody myself? You don’t believe me? Well, you should….

And one more thing, you should know that even though witches are very powerful creatures, they don’t know much about human medicines.

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