Sunday, November 27, 2016

White Jewels

Lilies of the valley hang from tiny green branches, always looking down, as if they were sad, as if their overpowering aroma was too heavy for their little hearts.

Their snow-white heads are pure like a baby’s soul. They look like upside down lamps, like cups full of delicious nectar.

These diminutive beauties are also helpful. You can use them to make sweet-smelling perfumes and they are also good for our health.

Did you know an ointment made from this plant can be used to reduce scars?

Apparently, it’s also good for heart disease and mental problems. 

Legend says if a person puts lily of the valley on his forehead, he’ll acquire common sense.

But this isn’t what I wanted to talk about. I just wanted to speak of the beauty of my favorite flower. I love the contrast between the tiny flowers and the huge, dark green leaves.

These flowers are also called Mary’s tears because of the Christian legend that says they sprang from the Virgin’s eyes when she cried for her crucified son.

One thing I like about these small charmers is that they aren’t ostentatious at all. They are modest and wild-like, but also dainty. The perfect combination in my opinion. 

little snow angels
dance, prance in crisp winter breeze
scent the air near me

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