Thursday, December 22, 2016

After Hours

The curator has just left. After a long day, the room is finally quiet. A golden light envelopes the pictures and walls and sits on every single dust particle that floats in the air.

‘Are you still awake?’ a shrill voice says. If you were there, you would wonder where the voice was coming from. After looking all around you, you would realize it was one of the pictures speaking.

‘Yes, I’m awake, but I’m not in the mood, Screamy.’

The second voice comes from the Mona Lisa picture inside a glass cabinet.

‘There’s something important I need to tell you.’

‘Okay then, spill the beans.’

‘I’ve heard two guys today saying they were going to come back to steal you.’

‘Steal me? No! Not again, please.’

Just then a door opens and two men in catsuits and balaclava hats walk into the room.

Gio shivers in fright. Screamy looks on.

‘I’d love to help you, but I don’t know what to do. I’m trapped inside this frame.’

The men approach Gio. One of them taps the glass. 

‘This is going to be tough,’ he says.

‘Why don’t we take him instead? I’ve heard he’s pretty pricey.’

Screamy is listening and turns pale.

‘Me? No…. There are lots like me! I’m worth nothing.’

The men ignore him and cut him from the frame.

‘Now you’re free,’ Gio says, an enigmatic smile dancing on her lips.

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