Saturday, December 10, 2016

Chocolate Blues

At the end of November, I bought my daughter, Iris, an Advent calendar like I’ve been doing ever since she was a little girl.

We stuck it to her wardrobe door with sticky tape, but it fell several times, so I told her it would be better to use blue tack.

The blue tack we had was not very good quality… it was white to begin with… but it seemed to do the job.

The calendar fell a couple more times, but I added more blue tack and stuck it again.

The same thing happened with the one in my son’s room. And, of course, I did the same thing. I added more blue tack. End of story…

This morning, Iris left Becka, our Westie, at home to go to her singing lesson and, when she came back, she noticed the calendar had fallen again and Becka had eaten all the remaining chocolates.

We were both very surprised and worried. Surprised that she had been able to tear the cardboard windows and worried because chocolate is bad for dogs.

A friend told us we should make her throw up. She said we should use hydrogen peroxide. Cat (FanStory Cat) suggested using salt and a friend of my daughter’s told us to give her salty water.

In the end, my daughter called the vet and he told her to buy charcoal at the chemist’s.We put the charcoal pill in a piece of sausage and gave it to her.

We’re really worried about our little Becks, but I’m sure she’ll be okay. Now we just have to wait and see.

P.S. She’s been really hungry these past few days as she’s on a diet because of a skin condition. She’s only allowed to eat her own food and no human food, which she loves.

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