Thursday, December 29, 2016

For Real

Have you ever seen a fairy? If you want to, you must wait till it's dark and the moon is shining its white light on your garden.

Tread lightly not to frighten them and you’ll see them sitting on the lower branches of a tree.

A fairy is as small as a peach and as delicate as china. Her wings flutter constantly. It’s like music. Like the music of a feather on piano keys.

Go nearer if she lets you and look at those wings. They are transparent and resemble sheets of ice.

Fairies use leaves and petals as clothes. They know how to weave them into magnificent robes to hide their tiny limbs.

Most beautiful of all is a fairy’s face. It resembles a tiny jewel. Her small eyes speak to you and the rosy lips are like the promise of a kiss.

I know you think I’m daydreaming. You think this is just make-believe. You think they are the musings of a madwoman.

You’re wrong. It’s all true. I’ve seen fairies in my garden…


  1. Fortunately, I have seen them… I can see fairies in every single post of this diary, in fact. Thank you so much for this fantastic blog. I love it. I strongly recommend it. Short stories and poems show up suddenly like fairies and unicorns and they are an exceptional gift. As all of you can notice, I am a beginner in this language. However, because of MJose’s teachings, English is my goal. She was my first English teacher three years ago and now I follow her writings. So, I have a confession to make: she always impresses me. She is sensitive, creative, eloquent and brilliant. A great writer, a great teacher.

  2. You are not a beginner at all, Blanca. You have written this post perfectly. Thanks so much for your very kind words. I'm happy somebody has finally written in my blog. Big hug.