Monday, December 12, 2016

Little Child. A Christmas Poem.

Have you seen 
That star
In the sky
With a tail?

Have you seen 
How it slides,
How it moves
To the West?

Shall we follow
On foot?
Or shall we ride
Our good camels?

Will it halt
Near here?
Will it travel 

Look up!
It’s stopping
Atop that stable.
And I wonder why.

Shall we go in?
What will we find?
It’s just a baby!
But he kind of shines.

He looks cold,
He looks happy.
He’s smiling at me.
I’m glad I have treasure.

Let’s give him a present.
What do you have?
No toys? No surprises?
Just frankincense and myrrh?

That sounds so boring!
Poor little guy.
I’ll give him some gold
And a kiss on the cheek.

Now it’s time to go.
Let’s say goodbye.
I’ll miss 
This cute little child.

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