Thursday, December 8, 2016

Through The Forest. A Short Story.

‘Do you believe in humans?’ Undine asked her brother, Uziah.

‘I’m not sure. Mum says they’re just a myth, a fantasy.’

‘Maybe we should ask Dad, see what he thinks.’

That weekend, Undine and Uziah went to their father’s home. Their parents had divorced when they were only two and, even though they lived with their mother, they loved their father very much.

They had pizza for dinner. Dad could be fun that way.  He always let them eat the junk food Mum forbade during the week.

When they were about to finish, Uziah said, ‘Dad, are humans real?’

Their Dad was surprised. He scratched his horn, not knowing what to say.

‘What has Mum told you? Have you asked her?’

Over the years, he had learnt that was the easiest way to avoid thorny topics.

‘Yeah, she says they are just a fantasy.’

‘Then, she must be right. She’s a very intelligent lady.’

‘So why did you divorce her?’ Undine asked.

Dad was desperate. But he found a way out.

‘Ice cream, anyone?’

The next day, when they were coming back from school, Uziah had an idea.

‘What if we go to the end of the forest and jump the wall to see what we find?’

‘But Mum has told us never to go over the wall,’ Undine told her brother.

Uziah and Undine were twins and even though they looked very similar they were very different in character. Undine was shy and responsible. Her brother, however, was a naughty daredevil.

‘Scaredy cat,’ Uziah said.

Undine didn’t want him to think she was a coward, so she agreed to go with him.

‘Okay, okay… I’ll do it.’

As it was autumn, there were lots of leaves on the ground and they had to walk slowly not to slip. Eventually, they reached a stone wall.

‘So how do we go over it? And what do you expect to find on the other side?’ Undine asked.

‘I’m not sure. Humans… maybe.’

They walked along the wall slowly, looking for a door or a hole of some sort.

‘It’s getting dark. I’m scared. I want to go home.’

They were about to give up, when they saw a light coming from the other side of the wall.

‘Look, sister! What do you think that is?’

‘No idea…’

They kept on walking. The light was moving and they followed it. 

‘Can you hear that?’ Undine asked.

‘Yes, I hear steps… and voices.’

Suddenly the light stopped and they heard somebody speaking.

‘Melanie, look! There’s a door here.’

Undine and Uziah stopped opposite the door. They could have run away, but they were too frightened.

The door opened and they found themselves looking into the faces of two two-legged creatures.

‘Are you humans?’ Uziah asked after a while. 

One of the two-legged creatures nodded.

‘Our Mum said you were not real.’

‘Then we have something in common. We’ve always been told unicorns do not exist.’

From that day, Uziah and Undine became good friends with Melanie and Michael. They used to meet and exchange stories about their worlds.

But then one day the inevitable happened. They grew up and forgot about the door that connected fantasy and reality. Unfortunately, they also forgot they had ever met.

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