Monday, December 12, 2016


Tomorrow will be the most important day of my life. Even though I’m only thirteen and a woman, I know I’ll become a superhero. Or can you say heroine? Is that even a word? Maybe in other countries, not in mine….

Abioye came to see me this morning. To make sure I was ready.

‘So have you understood all the instructions?’


‘Are you nervous?’

‘Not much.’

‘You haven’t told your parents, have you?’

‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’

When she left, I prayed for a while. I ate dinner and then went to bed. Before closing the door to my room, I gave Mum a kiss.

‘You are in a very loving mood today.’

She was surprised because I usually avoid kisses and hugs. I’m too grown up for that kind of stuff.


I’ve just woken up and remembered today is the day. I wash and get dressed. I tie the belt around my waist and then cover it with a big jacket so that Mum can’t see it.

‘Aren’t you eating breakfast?’ she asks.

‘No, I’m in a hurry.’

I walk towards the door and then turn around and look at Mum. I wish I didn’t have to hurt her… but I’m doing this to help a bigger cause. A cause that is more important than any of us.

The sun is shining and there are lots of people in the street. I walk towards the market square. I’ve been told to choose the most crowded place I can think of.

My teeth are starting to chatter. It turns out I’m afraid after all… I mustn’t allow myself time to think. My fingers fumble about under my jacket and I find the button on my belt. I stop for a second and then press.

The explosion is deafening. My body disintegrates into a thousand pieces and… I’m gone.

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