Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cinderella's Diary. June 25th.

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June 25th
I’ve spent all my free time sewing ever since the letter arrived. Stored in a trunk in the attic, I had an old dress Mum used to love (she always wore it on special occasions) and I’m altering it. I have also found some beads in the trunk and I’ve made myself a beautiful necklace.

Angelica, however, has noticed my excitement and is doing everything in her power to stop me from going.

‘Tomorrow you have to clean the kitchen and wash all the sheets,’ she told me today.

‘But I’ve just cleaned the kitchen,’ I answered, trying to control my anger.

‘Do it again.’

My step-sisters have ordered beautiful fabrics from France and a seamstress is making their gowns. Today they tried them on and paraded in front of me, trying to make me jealous. 

Angelica will be wearing the dress she bought to marry my father in. No matter what she wears, she cannot hide her awful nose and her evil smile.

I’ll stay up as long as I can tonight to try to finish the dress if I’m not too tired. I do have to go to that ball. It’s my only hope.

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