Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lucy Leaf. A short story for little children.

Lucy Leaf was born in spring. At the beginning she was small and shiny. She was also curled inwards to protect herself from the unknown world.

‘Lucy, there’s nothing to be afraid of,’ her Mum told her.

‘It looks pretty scary to me…’

A couple of days passed and Lucy grew bolder. She stretched as much as she could and she looked around. There were so many colours! Her own belly was bright green, the sky above was shiny blue and below she could see lovely flowers in yellow, blue and purple. There was also a brown fluffy thing that she later learnt was a dog.

Lucy was a happy leaf. She enjoyed talking to her brothers and sisters and she also enjoyed dancing in the wind. Breezes made her feel sleepy, but stronger winds filled her with excitement.

Then the summer came. Lucy loved watching the little people from up her tree. They seemed to be spending a lot more time outside now.

‘What are those creatures called?’ she asked.

‘Children,’ her dad said.

‘I like them.’

The weather got hotter and hotter. Lucy felt her skin become dry and wondered why. She was happiest at night, when the temperatures went down and the tall man made her wet with the long yellow thing he called a hose. She loved feeling the little drops on her, but they dried so quickly!

Lucy was now a fully grown leaf and so were her brothers and sisters. The most adventurous of them had left the tree and fallen to the ground. Then the breeze had taken them away.

One day, Lucy looked at her belly and noticed she had a yellow spot on her tummy.

‘Oh, my! I’m changing colour…. I wonder what it means.’

‘It means autumn is near,’ her mum told her.

‘Is that bad?’ she asked, fear in her voice.

‘It’s different.’

In a few days, Lucy and her siblings became totally yellow. And then more time passed and they turned brown and crispy dry. Even the cowardly ones who didn’t want to fall had to make an effort to hold on to the tree.

And then it happened. One morning, while she was sleeping, Lucy noticed she was falling… falling.

Once she touched the ground, she realized she was surrounded by friends and relatives.

‘Hi, guys! What happens now?’ she asked with her usual enthusiasm.

‘Nothing good, I’m afraid,’ her cousin Laura said.

Lucy waited and waited. She looked around, but nothing much changed. Except for the temperature. It started getting colder and colder.

Finally, one morning, when Lucy woke up, she saw she was dressed in a flimsy crystal robe.

‘What’s this?’ she asked.

‘It’s frost,’ Laura told her.

‘It’s sooo beautiful!’ 

‘Yes, but it’s too cold.’

Laura and Lucy heard footsteps and looked up. A little girl was touching the leaves next to them. 

‘Mummy, look! This one is perfect. Can I keep it?’

‘Of course, darling.’

The little girl picked Lucy up and took her inside the house. Then she stuck her to a piece of  pink cardboard that said Winter at the top.

Lucy was happy, like she’d always been. Her life had been great and now she’d be warm again… 

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