Saturday, February 11, 2017


There’s a baby
In a cot
In the bedroom 
Next to mine.

He screams,
He stinks,
He sleeps 
And he eats.

Quite a waste of space
If you ask me.

Mum loves
The snotty creature.
She has zero time
For me.

She kisses him
From dawn to night.
She’s besotted,
Madly in love.

An ugly little monster
If you ask me.

‘Do you like your little brother?’
She asks me.
I smile,
I nod.

What am I supposed
To say?
‘Take him back
To the hospital.
That is where
He belongs.’

There’s a baby
In a cot.
In the bedroom 
Next to mine.

Time passes
And he grows.
He’s not so bad
After all.

He smiles
His gummy smile
And I’m smitten,
I’m in love.

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