Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Day The Moon Talked To Me

One day, not long ago, the Moon talked to me.

I was in my room, lying down in bed and reading one of my favorite Goosebumps stories before going to bed, when I heard a voice.

‘Hello there!’

At first, I didn’t know who was speaking because Mum and Dad had gone out for dinner and Lucy, my babysitter, was downstairs with her new boyfriend. Lucy changes boyfriends as often as some other people change clothes, so I’m not sure who this one was.

I looked around wondering where the voice was coming from, but couldn’t see anybody.

‘Up here,’ she said. And then I realized it was the Moon.

I went to the open window and said hi.

‘Why don’t you come up here for a while and keep me company? I’m soooo lonely and bored.’

‘But I cannot fly,’ I told her.

‘It doesn’t matter, you can climb up a moonbeam.’

At first, I was afraid, but then I realized it was easier than I had thought.

When I arrived at the Moon, I noticed that she was shiny, white and hard.

‘You are not made of cheese!’

‘No, of course not. I’m made of icing.’

‘Can I have a small piece?’

‘Yes, but only a small one, please.’

I stayed up there for half an hour or so and we spoke about this and that. I asked questions about the stars and she asked me about my parents and my friends. Sometimes the Moon laughed and, when she did, she shook so hard that I thought I was going to fall.

When we ran out of things to say, I told her I had to go.

‘Will you come again?’

‘Of course.’

I slid down the moonbeam and into my room. Then I waved from the window.

Just then, Lucy opened the door and looked inside.

‘Time to go to bed,’ she said.

‘I’ve just come back from the Moon.’

‘You what?’

‘You heard me.’

‘You’re too old to make up stories like that.’

‘It did happen!’

Lucy made a face and left my room. I was really upset. What if it had been a dream? Just then I remembered something. I put my hand in my pocket and found the piece of icing I had got from the Moon.

I smiled and put it in my mouth. It was the best icing I had ever eaten. It tasted of candy floss, strawberries and clouds. 

I was happy I had such a special new friend.

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