Saturday, March 25, 2017

Devil In Disguise

When I finished my degree in Fashion Design, I couldn’t find a job, but then one day my Mum told me a friend of hers was looking for a baby-sitter.

It wasn’t exactly a dream position. However, as I needed the money, I said yes.

I started working almost straightaway. Mr Hamilton was a widower and had a little daughter called Winnie. Winnie was a lovely five-year-old with emerald green eyes.

We got on really well from the word go. After one month, I asked Mr Hamilton what had happened to his wife.

‘She must have been very young. Was it cancer?’

‘I don’t talk about it,’ he answered in a steely voice. He sounded so different and so detached that for a moment I was scared.

One day, I was upstairs putting some of Winnie’s toys away, when I found a really disturbing picture in one of her drawers. It was a photo of her Mum, but on it she had drawn a skull and a dagger.

When I turned around, Winnie was standing there, looking at me.

‘I did it, you know.’

‘You did what?’ I asked, but deep down I already knew.

‘I killed Mum. She had fallen in love with another man and she was going to leave us. I couldn’t allow that.’

I stared at her as if I had never seen her before and then ran out of the room.

‘So what? Are you going to leave me like all the other babysitters? I thought you were different…’ she shouted as I rushed down the stairs.

I didn’t stop running till I got home.

So it’s back to looking for a job now…

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