Monday, March 27, 2017

Vampire Slayers

Ed Lopez has always been my favorite actor. He’s appeared in some great films and, more importantly, he’s gorgeous.

Mum says she doesn’t understand my fascination, but she always accompanies me to the cinema when one of his new films comes out.

Last week, we were given tickets to the premiere of Vampire Slayers.

‘What a convincing performance!’ Mum said when the film finished. ‘You’re right, the guy can act. But he’s a bit too pale for my liking.’

‘He’s perfect,’ I said.

Just then, we saw him outside the cinema having his picture taken with some fans.

‘Come on, this is your chance,’ Mum said, pushing me towards Ed.

I gave my phone to Mum and stood next to him shyly. 

‘Like this?’ Ed asked my Mum.

‘Yes, that’s great.’

I said my goodbyes and went back to Mum. 

‘Let’s look at the picture,’ I said.

Both Mum and I gasped in shock. In the photo, I could be seen smiling happily… on my own.

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