Thursday, April 13, 2017


Mama said 
They had forgotten.
Mama said we were alone.

Mama said
They didn’t care
Mama left me on my own.

I’m cold,
I have no food.
There’s no blanket 
On the floor.

Where’s Mama?
Where’s she gone?

The sky is grey,
There’s dirt all around.
My legs are tired,
My eyes itch,
And my Mama doesn’t hug me,
Doesn’t kiss me 

I can’t breathe,
I can’t see.
Why doesn’t Mama comfort me?

There are no flowers
On the ground.
No pretty things
To touch or hold.

Mama said they didn’t care.
And I think she told the truth.

Mama’s gone,
Papa’s dead.
I’m alone
Between the screams.

Women cry,
Children stare,
Men wander…
And I stand
Looking at this barren land, 
Hoping that one day they’ll care.

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