Saturday, April 29, 2017

Undo The Past

You trod on my soul,
You tore at my hair,
You broke my spirit
And spat in my face.

There was never a lie spoken between us.
I knew you were married,
You knew I was taken.
But I gave you my all
And you shared no love.

I wasn’t the first,
I was just one more toy.
The proverbial bedpost 
Became my sad fate.

Was I blind or just stupid?
Why did I say yes?
Why did I lie with you 
And my husband betrayed?

A long time has passed,
Your face has faded in my mind,
You’re just a memory,
A mistake from the past.

So why do I write about you?
Why do I dream of what could have been?
Why do I still think
You didn’t mean to hurt me?

Maybe I hope
Words will exorcise you.
Maybe I dream 
Of undoing the past.

I want to erase
That odious blunder,
I want to believe
You did never exist.

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