Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Willow. Chapter 10.

When I got back home fifteen minutes later, my head was spinning.

Had I really heard Becka talk? Was I a fairy? That was impossible. I was twenty-four and I had never noticed there was anything special about me. I was quite ordinary, to tell the truth.

‘Mum!’ I shouted. I waited for her to appear, but she didn’t. Just when I needed her most. That woman was infuriating!

I decided to call Aunt Lucy…

‘Hi, it’s me.’

‘Hello. Aren’t you supposed to be working?’

‘No. Mindy said I could have the day off today. I have a question, Aunt Lucy. Do you believe in fairies?’

‘Fairies? No, of course not. They are just imaginary creatures. Why do you ask?’

‘No reason… Well, I have to go. See you around.’

I hung up the phone wondering why she had lied. Again. Because I knew she hadn’t told me the truth. Aunt Lucy has always been a terrible liar.

Just then the phone rang. I thought it would be her, calling to tell me that she really believed in winged creatures and to  explain the reason why she had told me otherwise.


‘Hi, Mindy. What’s up?’

‘I’m in labour. Do you think you can come to the pub?’

‘Yeah, of course. I’ll be there as soon as possible.’

I said bye to Becka and ran out of the house. Working would do me good. I didn’t want to have time to obsess. At the pub, I’d be busy and wouldn’t be able to think about magical creatures.

I got to the Star ten minutes later. Mindy was already sitting inside the car, her face contorted in pain, and her husband was at the wheel, tapping it impatiently with his fingers.

‘Don’t worry about a thing and call me as soon as the baby is born, okay?’

‘Will do, bye!’  she said, her voice barely audible.

I walked inside and, once behind the counter, I put on my apron. There were just two or three patrons waiting to be served at that time of day, so I would have time to start preparing lunches.

A while later, Josh walked in and sat at the counter instead of  sitting at his usual table. I hoped he wouldn’t want to talk to me. Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood. Anyway, it was highly unlikely, considering how unfriendly he was. As they say, every cloud…

‘Could I have a diet Coke, please?’

As I placed his coke in front of him, I noticed his eyes were purple like mine.

‘Is anything the matter?’

‘No… sorry. I was just thinking.’

‘What about?’

‘This and that… My dog… She… Never mind.’

‘So you’ve just found out?’

‘Found what out?’

‘That you are special.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘You know what I mean… ‘

‘No, I don’t. Why don’t you explain?’

‘A fairy.’

‘Are you kidding me? I don’t believe in fairies. I’ve lived happily all my life without believing in them and I’m not ready for that to change now.’

‘I’m one too, you know.’

‘You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you?’

‘I felt just like you when I first found out, but it’s cool once you get used to it. There are plenty of things you can do once you learn to channel  your powers.’

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have a clue what was going on, so I went to the kitchen and started making a salad. I couldn’t talk to anybody, I just needed to be alone.

I began attacking the lettuce with a knife as if everything was its fault.

‘Next time I see you, Mum, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do,’ I said in a loud voice.

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