Saturday, April 22, 2017

Willow. Chapter 13.

‘What? What do you mean cut my wings? And why would she do such a thing?’

‘Well, being a fairy is risky and it comes with lots of responsibilities. Your mum wanted you to have a normal childhood.’

‘So if she cut my wings, how come I can hear animals and plants speaking all of a sudden?’

‘When your Mum died, her spell became undone.’

‘Spell? Isn’t that something witches do?’

‘Not only, fairies can cast spells too.’

‘What? I was joking! You mean witches exist as well?’

‘Of course they do… And we don’t get on very well. In fact, they are a very serious danger for us.’

‘They are? I don’t think I’m ready for this. Do I have to be a fairy? Can’t I cut my own wings or something?’

‘Well, you could, but I think you should wait till you finish reading your mum’s diaries. That way you’ll be able to make an informed decision.’

We talked for five more minutes and I promised Aunt Lucy I wouldn’t take any rush decisions.

As the weather was nice, I walked to the pub even though I was a bit late. I missed Mindy and was counting the days till her return. I wondered how long she would stay home with Mia.

Thinking about Mia made me sad. Would I ever have a family of my own? I wasn’t sure I wanted to have children, but a husband would be nice. I’d be less lonely, I’d have somebody to talk to. But who’d want to marry a wingless fairy?

Just then I heard steps behind me. I looked around and saw Josh. He was wearing a beige sweater that was too big for him and jeans that had seen better days, but despite the terrible clothes he looked quite handsome.

‘Hi there!’ he said.

‘How are you?’

‘Good. You? How’s life as a fairy treating you? Any extraordinary experiences lately?’

‘Don’t you dare to  make fun of me.’

‘I’m not making fun of you. Remember, we’re on the same boat.’

‘You’ve never wanted to jump overboard?’

‘No, not really,’ he said. He smiled and his face dimpled and I have to admit he looked quite attractive. I had to make an effort to remind myself he was unfriendly and obnoxious. Or he used to be.

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