Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Purple Unicorns

They taught me not to believe in purple unicorns and, for a while, I did as they said.

But then one day, I visited a friend in hospital, saw her newborn baby and was smitten. Around his little head, the mythical creatures were galloping, smiling, their silvery horns high up in the air.

They said purple unicorns were just a fantasy and that it was silly to think they were real.

But then one day, I went for a picnic and spread my blanket on the grass. Everything around me was beautiful, especially the dandelion clocks and the poppies. I could hear the birds sing and a robin ate crumbs out of my hand.
From behind a willow, a unicorn watched us.

They said purple unicorns were the stuff of fairy tales and told me to grow up.

But then one day, my beloved held my hand and my whole body tingled. He asked me to marry him and I said yes and we started making plans straightaway. I closed my eyes and tiny unicorns danced happily in front of me.

They reprimanded me for believing in purple unicorns. They said I’d have problems in life if I didn’t become more rational.

But then one day, I sat in front of a blank page and felt a rush of excitement. With the right words, arranged in the right position I could create whatever I wanted. That was when I decided to create a purple unicorn with a silvery horn. I wrote and I wrote. Five hours later, I was done. I reread my story and sighed happily… and that’s when my unicorn jumped out of the page and out into the wide, wide world.

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