Friday, June 30, 2017


I have to tell you, you must know:
We’re not friends, I do hate you.
You have dealt a terrible blow,
You have made me feel so blue.

You say you speak the truth,
But honesty is overrated.
You have destroyed my youth
You have made me feel deflated.

One day I’ll get my own back,
Is a hammer good enough?
I’ll smash you, you untrained quack.
I will have the last laugh.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Jar

Glittery gossamer
For my wings.
Shiny gold
For my curls.
Bright emeralds
For my eyes.
Smooth ivory
For my limbs.

Those are the ingredients
The gods used
When making me.

Then they added
A dollop of magic,
A pinch of mischief,
And a spoonful of glee.

Being a fairy
Is great fun.
No worries,
No burdens.
Just shaking 
My little wand.

In the forest,
I jump 
From flower 
To flower.
I dip my toes
In the frozen water.

But then one day,
A giant comes
And traps me
With his glass jar.

Now I sit forlorn
In my tiny prison.
I fight the walls,
And weep alone.
My head is bent
And I am broken.

Will you help me?
A fairy needs freedom.
If you let me out,
You can have my kingdom.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Hoots

Once upon a time,  there was a family of owls who lived in a dark, dark forest.

Mamma Owl and Papa Owl had been married for the longest time and were very much in love.

They had two children who were as different from each other as night and day. They didn’t talk much and, when they did, it was to fight.

‘You’re stupid.’

‘Well, you’re stupider.’

‘And you’re ugly!’

Their names were Carla and … Carlo. Yes, I know. Their parents didn’t have great taste in names, or at least they were not very original.

Carla was hard-working and got great marks at school. She was also very good at flying and hunting mice. Carlo, however, was lazy and dumb. He only liked sleeping and eating food caught by others.

The Hoots (Carla, Carlo and their parents) lived in a lovely tree house. Carlo always used the ladder to go up and down because he couldn’t fly that high.

One day, there was a fire in the forest and when his family flew away he was trapped in the house. He couldn’t get out as the ladder had been burnt.

‘Help, sister, help!’ he shouted.

Carla wanted to save him, but she couldn’t get near because of the flames. That’s how her brother met his untimely death. His parents mourn him to this day…

And the moral of the story is:

If lazy you want to be
Don’t live up a tree.

What? You don’t like it? You think it’s a stupid moral? Okay, let me rephrase it.

And the moral of the story is:

You mustn’t be lazy,
You should work hard
Because one day maybe,
You could get charred.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Dreamed Of You

In my dream
You kissed me
And I felt
My insides melt.

But then life
Woke me up,
Stole from me
Your soft lips.

I knew it couldn’t be,
It was wrong,
We were both wed.
But still…

I felt fuzzy
And content.
I didn’t want
My dream to end.

Do you ever
Dream of me?
Would you like
To kiss me?

I want the night
To return.
I want you
Back in my arms.

My life has paled,
The sun is dull.
If you don’t hold me,
Reality is just bland.

Words can’t express
How one little dream
Changed my life,
Bent my spirit.

I look at him,
But think of you.
I’m being unfaithful
Inside my soul.

Forgive me, Lord.
Don’t punish me.
Just let me,
Let me sleep.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dance, Rainbow, Dance

You dance in the rain
And because of the rain.
You dance with the rain
And after the rain.

You burst with colour,
You hide treasure,
You are elusive,
You run away…

One day I will 
Reach the end
Of the rainbow.

One day I will
Find your pot of gold.

One day I will
Slide down 
Your multicoloured ladder.

But till that day,
Keep on 
Brightening up
The morning sky.

Keep on being 
The jewel
That no hand
Can touch.

Dance, rainbow, dance. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Write a 100 words story on any subject. It should start with the word 'One' and end with the word 'Hundred'. So you have only 98 words to frame the story.

This is mine:
One day, a long time ago, an ogre called Marla gave birth to a little boy. She wrapped him in leaves and took him to see the forest seer.

‘Can you tell me what kind of future awaits my son?’

The seer looked into a fountain placed in front of him and wrinkled his nose.

‘He will not live long, I’m afraid,’ he said.

Marla left the seer’s cave with her baby in her arms. 

‘I should never have come here.’

From that day, she watched her son like a hawk… till he died at the age of nine hundred.

Monkey Says...

Can you please repeat that?
You think your new hat
Makes me look like a twat?

Let me tell you,
Nancy Drew,
That I’m the prettiest of the two.
I’m the cutest in the zoo.

Think before you criticize,
You might get a big surprise.
Some advice from the wise:
Your opinion do disguise.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Meeting Austen. A 5-7-5.

I travelled in time,
I had tea and scones with Jane.
We talked Colin Firth.

Stop That Saw! A Dribble.

I went to the forest this morning to cut down a tree to make a table.

I chose a huge oak and started sawing the trunk in half. 

A second later, I heard a booming voice that said, ‘Will you leave me alone?’ 

I didn’t stop running till I got home…


A grey cloud floats 
Around my head.
A heavy weight 
Lands on my heart.

Sadness sad, sadness blue,
My stony soul you deftly hew.

I close my eyes
To trap the tears.
I clench my fists,
Look at the ground.

Sadness sad, sadness blue,
My stony soul you deftly hew.

I want to live,
I wish to love,
But my leaden limbs
Won’t let me stir.

Sadness sad, sadness blue,
My stony soul you deftly hew.

Sorrow lands on my skin
Like morning dew.
I’m sticky with
Misery and pain.

Sadness sad, sadness blue,
My stony soul you deftly hew.

Maybe one day
I’ll see the sun again.
But right now,
I just feel rain on my face.

Sadness sad, sadness blue,
My stony soul you deftly hew.

He Didn't Mean To. A story in 99 words.

When the phone rang, I never expected that call to change my entire life. I was fifteen, and till then, I’d led a sheltered existence.

‘Is that you, Lana?’

‘Yeah, what’s wrong, auntie?’

‘I need you to get dressed. I’ll be picking you up in ten minutes.’


She hung up before I could finish my sentence, so I did as she had told me and waited by the door.

A moment later, I saw her Fiat stop outside my home.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘It’s your parents.’

‘Have they been in an accident?’

‘I’m afraid a troll trod on them…’

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Failure. Free Verse.

I reached for a shiny star,
But landed on the unforgiving void.

I tried to touch the top of the oak tree,
But my feet got stuck in the mud.

All around me the world screamed failure 
Till my ears rang and bled with 
The piercing pain of the loser.

I’m a sinking ship,
A burst balloon,
A lost lamb in a field of thistles.

Feel sorry for me,
I let go of all my dreams…

I wanted to own the moon,
But it’s the black sky that owns me.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stay Away. A Script.

Stay Away!


A beautiful steel and glass skyscraper opposite the promenade in a coastal city in the US.



A  bald man in his forties is sitting behind an enormous mahogany desk. A young woman is facing him. Her legs are shaking and she’s making an effort not to show her fear.

So what is it you wanted to tell me?

It’s about your contract. Would you like to keep on working for us?

Ms Lopez clears her throat and closes her eyes for a few seconds.

Of course. I love it here.

We’re happy with you, but…

Don’t tell me there’s a but. I’ve done my best.

Still… Your last two reports were substandard and I’m being generous. Any other boss would have had you fired…

Mr Longman licks his lips lasciviously.  His whole face is transformed by that one gesture.

So why didn’t you?

I think we both know why. I find you very attractive… If you were to be nice to me, I’m sure I could renew your contract.

Ms Lopez makes an effort not to show her disgust.

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand you.

Let me show you what I mean.

Mr Longman stands up and walks around the huge table towards Ms Lopez. He puts one hand on her right shoulder. She cringes.

Have you forgotten you’re a married man? Besides, I could go to the police. Sue you for harassment.

They wouldn’t believe you. It would just be my word against yours. And I’m somebody, whereas you are just an insignificant little ant.

You forget it’s not just me. You’ve harassed at least three other PAs.

Good luck proving that.

Good luck staying out of jail. I’ve recorded our entire conversation. And by the way, your wife is looking forward to divorcing you. She was the one who helped me set you up.

You’re making everything up, you little bitch.

You think so? 

Ms Lopez takes a small recorder out of the pocket of her jacket and shows it to him. Then she smiles at him and leaves the room. Mr Longman looks defeated and a lot older all of a sudden. He leans on the table and sits down.