Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Dreamed Of You

In my dream
You kissed me
And I felt
My insides melt.

But then life
Woke me up,
Stole from me
Your soft lips.

I knew it couldn’t be,
It was wrong,
We were both wed.
But still…

I felt fuzzy
And content.
I didn’t want
My dream to end.

Do you ever
Dream of me?
Would you like
To kiss me?

I want the night
To return.
I want you
Back in my arms.

My life has paled,
The sun is dull.
If you don’t hold me,
Reality is just bland.

Words can’t express
How one little dream
Changed my life,
Bent my spirit.

I look at him,
But think of you.
I’m being unfaithful
Inside my soul.

Forgive me, Lord.
Don’t punish me.
Just let me,
Let me sleep.

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