Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Jar

Glittery gossamer
For my wings.
Shiny gold
For my curls.
Bright emeralds
For my eyes.
Smooth ivory
For my limbs.

Those are the ingredients
The gods used
When making me.

Then they added
A dollop of magic,
A pinch of mischief,
And a spoonful of glee.

Being a fairy
Is great fun.
No worries,
No burdens.
Just shaking 
My little wand.

In the forest,
I jump 
From flower 
To flower.
I dip my toes
In the frozen water.

But then one day,
A giant comes
And traps me
With his glass jar.

Now I sit forlorn
In my tiny prison.
I fight the walls,
And weep alone.
My head is bent
And I am broken.

Will you help me?
A fairy needs freedom.
If you let me out,
You can have my kingdom.

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