Monday, June 19, 2017

Write a 100 words story on any subject. It should start with the word 'One' and end with the word 'Hundred'. So you have only 98 words to frame the story.

This is mine:
One day, a long time ago, an ogre called Marla gave birth to a little boy. She wrapped him in leaves and took him to see the forest seer.

‘Can you tell me what kind of future awaits my son?’

The seer looked into a fountain placed in front of him and wrinkled his nose.

‘He will not live long, I’m afraid,’ he said.

Marla left the seer’s cave with her baby in her arms. 

‘I should never have come here.’

From that day, she watched her son like a hawk… till he died at the age of nine hundred.

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