Monday, July 24, 2017

Faster, Faster!

Susie Snail woke up one Friday morning feeling famished. 

‘I’ll pay Uncle Shawn a visit,’ she said.

Her uncle lived in a lettuce patch exactly two meters from her home.

Susie put on her hat and started her trip. She slithered along happily at around a tenth of an inch per hour.

On the second day of her trip, she came across a scrumptious-looking radish and she stopped to eat it. Afterwards, her tummy was so full that it didn’t fit inside her shell and she had to take it off for a while.

She decided to have a nap and continue her trip afterwards.

On and on she travelled, stopping here and there to try various delicious vegetables.

When she eventually got to her uncle Shawn’s lettuce patch, she couldn’t find him anywhere. Besides, there wasn’t a single lettuce in sight.

‘Can I help you?’ a friendly frog asked her.

‘I’m looking for Shawn Sanchez.’

‘Are you a relative?’

‘Yes. I’m his niece.’

Susie was not very bright, but she was starting to suspect she was about to hear bad news.

‘I’m sorry to inform you he was carried to market on top of a lettuce…’

Susie stared at the friendly frog open-mouthed. Uncle Shawn had always been her favorite.

Without another word, she turned around to go back home. Tears slid down her cheeks and fell on the ground. This time, the two meters seemed like a kilometer. And they kind of were. When she got back home, she looked in the mirror and could hardly recognize herself. She was wrinkly and looked as old as her Grandma Sarah who had been eaten by a hen when Susie was little. She hadn’t realized so much time had passed since she left on her expedition, but it must have been several years.

And does my story have a moral? No, not really… Or maybe: if you are a snail, stay at home or travel by train.

You don’t like it? It’s probably because you’re too old  to read this silly story. I guess you have to be a kindergartener to enjoy such a simple, simple tale.

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