Monday, July 17, 2017


‘What? Did you speak?
Did you say I am
A pretty little thing?’

‘I’m sorry fishy.
You’re sweet and squishy,
But we’re hungry at home.’

Those are the words,
The little girl
Said to the carp.

She hated fishing,
But Papa was gone
And Mama was sick.

Even though she was only six,
She had two siblings 
To clothe and feed.

‘If you let me go,
I’ll give you gold.
Just let me live.’

When the fish spoke
A second time,
The girl believed.

‘Go home to your mum,
Look under your bed,
You’ll find a myriad gems.’

The girl did as she was told.
The fish hadn’t lied.
There were diamonds galore.

Now the fish is free,
And the girl is happy.
Kindness pays, my dear friends.

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