Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Warren always went to the big house when the owners left for the day or on holiday.

His mum used to tell him not to touch anything and to be careful, but as he was only five years old and quite naughty, he didn’t pay much attention.

‘You worry too much, Mama,’ he said to her.

‘You’re so irresponsible, Warren. One day you’ll realize I was right.’

On the Friday of our story, Mr and Mrs Lennon got out of the house and into their car at five to go to the cinema.

As soon as they were out of sight, Warren rushed to their home.

He ran around the living room and ate some nice biscuits he found on the table. Then, he sat on the sofa, trying to decide what to do next.

He looked right and left and his eyes rested on the kitchen floor. He had never noticed a door there before. It was right at the bottom of the door that led to the garden and was tiny. The funny thing was, that instead of opening sideways, it seemed to have hinges on top.

‘That’s really weird,’ Warren said to himself.

Always curious, he decided to investigate. He jumped off the sofa and walked towards the kitchen. When he reached the little door, he pushed it gently to see if it was locked. To his surprise, it moved backwards.

The sudden movement made him lose his balance and he landed on his tummy.

Just then, he heard a frightful noise. A cat was meowing  nearby.

‘Where did that come from?' a scared Warren wondered.

He got his answer when the little door opened wide and he found himself facing a pair of intense green eyes and  a wicked grin.

Warren ran away as fast as his legs would carry him. When he got home, he told his mum what had happened and she explained the little door was a cat flap.

That was the last time Warren visited the big house.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I wonder how I got here. The truth is I cannot seem to remember anything.

My prison is small and I have to curl up to fit inside it. Fortunately, the walls are soft and squishy.

I'm not uncomfortable, but I feel dizzy most of the time. It must be because of the constant movement.

And it's so dark! I cannot see anything. Not even my own hands.

However, it's warm... So I guess I can't complain.

And there it is again! That strange noise. It's like a song, always the same one. A song that sends me to sleep straightaway...

Sapphire Floor

They waltzed around
On the sapphire floor.

Her hair flew 
Into her  sparkly eyes.
His hands
Held her dainty waist.

They waltzed around
On the sapphire floor.

They whispered
Into each other’s ears.
They dreamed 
The world was theirs alone.

They waltzed around
On the sapphire floor.

She smiled sweetly
At the beauty of the melody.
He wondered if 
Their love would last.

They waltzed around
On the sapphire floor.

They enjoyed 
Perfect bliss for a while.
They embraced
For the world to see.

They waltzed around
On the sapphire floor.

She believed she was
The luckiest in the land.
He thought she was
The prettiest girl he’d had.

They waltzed around
On the sapphire floor.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Divine Intervention

Melinda loved telling everybody she was an atheist. It made her feel different. Stronger and independent somehow.

Her best friend, Lucy, was just the opposite. She wore her religion on her sleeve for the whole world to see.

They usually tried to avoid the topic, as neither of them liked confrontation, but one Friday at a bar, after a few drinks, Melinda told Lucy about a new coworker who believed in angels.

‘What a stupid woman!’ she said, making a face.

‘Well, who knows? I like to think I have a guardian angel,’ Lucy told her.

‘Oh come on!’

Just then, Melinda noticed Lucy staring at her, so she looked at herself in the mirror behind them… To her surprise, she saw white wings sprouting on her back…

‘And how do you explain that?’ Lucy asked with a smile.

Melinda fainted. The feathery appendages cushioned her fall. Divine intervention?

I Need... I Want...

I needed to get out,
I needed to escape.
I wanted to spread my wings,
I wanted to fly away.

Chrysalis is a wondrous word,
But to me, it felt like a grave.
I needed to dance in the morning air,
I needed to shake my wings. 

It was so tight in there,
Being a pupa is no fun.
I wanted to see the world,
I wanted to touch the sun.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Learning To Play

I sit with Mama,
Lean into her.
She smells of lilies
And cocoa beans.

I say I want
To learn to play,
But it’s just an excuse
To feel her warm embrace.

My Mama is pretty,
Her cheeks are pink.
Her hair is soft,
Her smiles are sweet.

When I grow up,
I’ll be like her
And all the men
Will admire me.

The painting is The Music Lesson by Frederic Lord Leighton.

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Waste Of Time

I waste a lot of time. It’s sad, but true. I wonder how many more books I could read and write if I didn’t. However, this knowledge won’t make me change my leisure habits.

Let me explain. Like many other people, I belong to Facebook and I check it several times a day. It’s not all in vain; sometimes I  learn something useful, discover a new song… and, of course, I keep in touch with friends who live far away.

I also have an Instagram account and, let me tell you, I don’t know how to defend that. Anyway, it’s fun… and helps me pass some more time that I could spend doing something useful.

Fortunately, I only use my Twitter account to share my blog posts. Yes, I do have two blogs. One of them is for my students, the other one is a literary blog. I consider them useful, so I won’t put them on top of my ‘Meaningless Activities’ pile.

Then, of course, I have to tell you about the games… I’ve become addicted to Disney Emoji Blitz, which is like Candy Crush with Disney characters instead of sweets. My son thinks it’s ridiculous at my age, but I love it. A few days ago, I won Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast and you could have heard me screaming in happiness from a distance of five kilometres.

Recently, I also discovered Design Home, a game in which you are asked to decorate different rooms. I have to confess, that apart from hours of my life, I have also spent fifteen euros on this app…

Anyway… why am I telling you this? Is it because I’m planning to mend my ways? No, not really. I’m happy as it is… I was just saying. 

Take care, I have to go. The next episode of Marlon awaits me. What? I hadn’t mentioned I watch lots of British and American shows? I didn’t know that counted as wasting time. Honest!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Stranger Danger

I want to tell you 
The story of Bobby Bear
Who had an adventure at the zoo
Which became a big nightmare.

It was his birthday
And Mama Bear said,
‘What would you like to do today?’
Bobby thought while chewing his bread.

‘Can we go to see a snake?’
Mama said okay,
So they drove to the zoo at daybreak.
They were all ready to have a great day.

Papa Bear told Bobby to stay close to them,
But he was so excited that he wandered away.
He looked around and chewed his gum,
But when he saw he was alone, he stopped being gay.

After a while, Miss Hyena approached him
With her sharp claws and her hideous smile.
Just seeing her, made Bobby feel grim.
He only wanted to run a mile.

‘Hello, little one, are you all alone?’
Asked Miss Hyena in an unctuous voice.
‘No,’ said Bobby in a fearful tone.
Just then he saw his parents and oh did he rejoice!

Mama Bear scolded him angrily
And then hugged him hard.
‘You scared us terribly.
From leaving home you will now be barred.’

‘Don’t punish me, Mama,’
The little bear cried.
‘It wasn’t such a drama.
Please let me go outside.’

‘No, my little bear,
You must learn to obey.
We had a big scare.
We suspected foul play.’

Then Papa Bear said,
‘Well, now let’s have our fun,
The snake house is ahead.
Let’s forget the hyena. What is done is done.’

So the moral of our story is this:
Little children beware,
If you want total bliss
Remember Mummy and Daddy are the ones who care.

Stranger danger is real,
Do not walk away on your own.
You don’t want to become a meal
For a scary old crone.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

England. A double tanka poem.

Rolling hills of green
Under sweet drizzle that chills.
Tunnels made of trees
And yellow stone cottages.
Flowers galore on the ground.

Sheep grazing afar,
Little cows in the meadow.
Dogs on a tight leash,
Ducks swimming frozen waters.
My beautiful island home.

Spineless? A lanturne poem.

Prickly friend,
Help me scare the

A lanturne is a five lined Japanese form of poetry with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.  If you use your imagination, the basic shape of a lanturne does look like a lantern. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Miss You

It’s only three days since we parted, but my heart already bleeds for you. It’s like a physical pain. I miss you with all my being. My bones are pierced, my skin feels prickly, as if burnt by acid.

When we were together, just looking at you made me happy. Your elegance, your sweet curves are so unique…You’re quaint and different…

I’m nothing without you. I know we’ll meet again, but how will I survive this separation? The minutes go by slowly. I count the hours till the day that brings us together  one more time.

I yearn for you. I remember your sweet smell of rain, your freshness. Here, without you, I suffocate. The heat weighs on my chest like a ton of lead.

I never thought the longing would be so painful. Memories of you flood my every waking moment. At night, I dream of our shared time.

I ache for you, my beloved England. My adoptive motherland, my darling one. 

Tears in Barcelona

The sun shines on the pavement
On the careless, cheerful crowd
Till you screech into action 
And forever break their hearts.

You tear mothers from their babies,
Make people run for their lives
And forever break their hearts.

You scatter hate on the streets,
Dirt, rubble, glass.
Human souls eternally shattered.
You make friends blame each other
And forever break their hearts.

Now it’s cloudy in Barcelona
Tears are raining from heaven.
Your senseless cruelty proved pointless.
Did you achieve anything?
Zip, zero, nada…
You just broke a million hearts.

A van was driven into pedestrians on La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain on the afternoon of 17 August, killing 13 and injuring at least 130 people. The driver of the van fled the attack on foot, then killed a 14th victim in order to steal his car and escape.
Nine hours after the Barcelona attack, five men thought to be members of the same terrorist cell drove into pedestrians in nearby Cambrils, killing one woman and injuring six others. All five attackers were shot by police as they were carrying out the attack. 

Source: Wikipedia.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Olga Oyster

My parents tell me I was always asking questions when I was a little girl. As they didn’t always know how to answer me, sometimes they escaped to another room and sometimes they made up a story.

‘Mum, why do pearls live inside oysters and not in the bottom of the sea or on top of corals?’ I asked one day.

Mum was in a good mood that day, so she obliged.

‘It’s all thanks to Olga Oyster.’

‘Who’s that?’

I was so excited, I jumped onto her lap and hugged her.

‘Let me breathe and I’ll tell you. A long time ago, there was an oyster called Olga. All her friends made fun of her and told her she was very ugly, so, when she couldn’t take it anymore, she decided to visit God.’


I decided I’d have to save that snippet of information for later use. It might come in handy one day. So one could visit God just like that… Funny!

‘Really. This is what happened. God was very busy and told her he would make her shell shiny and that would solve all her problems. He covered her in glitter and Olga went back to the sea.’

‘And what happened then?’

‘Olga’s friends, who were pretty cruel, told her she looked like a pig covered in bright dust. Olga was heartbroken. She cried herself to sleep, and the next morning, she went to visit God again.’

‘Oh! You have to tell me how to do that. I might need to go and see him one day,’ I said.

‘Don’t you worry. I’ll explain later… Well, God was a bit annoyed when he saw Olga again. He had a lot of work, so he just colored her insides pink and told her her problems were solved. Olga went back home…’


‘Don’t be impatient. Let me finish…When Olga’s friends saw her, they laughed and laughed. They told her she looked ridiculous. She was so sad, she didn’t sleep a wink that night. The next morning…’

‘She went to visit God!’ I said.

‘Exactly… When God saw her, he frowned and asked her why she had come again. She explained and that time God felt sorry for her. He told her he would put a beautiful white ball inside her and said that every time she smiled her friends would see it. He also told her the little ball was one of the most precious things on earth.’


‘When Olga got back home, her friends told her she looked as ugly as usual, but she smiled and they were all astonished at the beauty inside her tummy.’

‘Did Olga live happily ever after, Mummy?’

‘Do you want to know the truth?’

‘Yes… I guess.’

‘Well, it seems the little ball was a mixed blessing. One day a man came and prised Olga open and took her little ball. The man hurt Olga so badly, that even though her friends tried to cure her, there was nothing they could do.’

‘She died?’



A tear fell down my cheek, so Mum hurriedly added.

‘But don’t worry. She went to live with God permanently and there she’s happy because nobody thinks she’s ugly even if she doesn’t have a pearl inside.’

‘What a lovely story, Mummy! Will you tell me how to go and visit God now?’

‘Maybe anther day… I’ve just remembered I’ve got to wash up now…’

She stood up and left the room. I stared at her retreating back,  wondering if she was telling the truth. But mums don’t lie, do they?