Friday, August 25, 2017

A Waste Of Time

I waste a lot of time. It’s sad, but true. I wonder how many more books I could read and write if I didn’t. However, this knowledge won’t make me change my leisure habits.

Let me explain. Like many other people, I belong to Facebook and I check it several times a day. It’s not all in vain; sometimes I  learn something useful, discover a new song… and, of course, I keep in touch with friends who live far away.

I also have an Instagram account and, let me tell you, I don’t know how to defend that. Anyway, it’s fun… and helps me pass some more time that I could spend doing something useful.

Fortunately, I only use my Twitter account to share my blog posts. Yes, I do have two blogs. One of them is for my students, the other one is a literary blog. I consider them useful, so I won’t put them on top of my ‘Meaningless Activities’ pile.

Then, of course, I have to tell you about the games… I’ve become addicted to Disney Emoji Blitz, which is like Candy Crush with Disney characters instead of sweets. My son thinks it’s ridiculous at my age, but I love it. A few days ago, I won Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast and you could have heard me screaming in happiness from a distance of five kilometres.

Recently, I also discovered Design Home, a game in which you are asked to decorate different rooms. I have to confess, that apart from hours of my life, I have also spent fifteen euros on this app…

Anyway… why am I telling you this? Is it because I’m planning to mend my ways? No, not really. I’m happy as it is… I was just saying. 

Take care, I have to go. The next episode of Marlon awaits me. What? I hadn’t mentioned I watch lots of British and American shows? I didn’t know that counted as wasting time. Honest!

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