Monday, August 28, 2017

Divine Intervention

Melinda loved telling everybody she was an atheist. It made her feel different. Stronger and independent somehow.

Her best friend, Lucy, was just the opposite. She wore her religion on her sleeve for the whole world to see.

They usually tried to avoid the topic, as neither of them liked confrontation, but one Friday at a bar, after a few drinks, Melinda told Lucy about a new coworker who believed in angels.

‘What a stupid woman!’ she said, making a face.

‘Well, who knows? I like to think I have a guardian angel,’ Lucy told her.

‘Oh come on!’

Just then, Melinda noticed Lucy staring at her, so she looked at herself in the mirror behind them… To her surprise, she saw white wings sprouting on her back…

‘And how do you explain that?’ Lucy asked with a smile.

Melinda fainted. The feathery appendages cushioned her fall. Divine intervention?

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