Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Miss You

It’s only three days since we parted, but my heart already bleeds for you. It’s like a physical pain. I miss you with all my being. My bones are pierced, my skin feels prickly, as if burnt by acid.

When we were together, just looking at you made me happy. Your elegance, your sweet curves are so unique…You’re quaint and different…

I’m nothing without you. I know we’ll meet again, but how will I survive this separation? The minutes go by slowly. I count the hours till the day that brings us together  one more time.

I yearn for you. I remember your sweet smell of rain, your freshness. Here, without you, I suffocate. The heat weighs on my chest like a ton of lead.

I never thought the longing would be so painful. Memories of you flood my every waking moment. At night, I dream of our shared time.

I ache for you, my beloved England. My adoptive motherland, my darling one.