Thursday, August 3, 2017

Olga Oyster

My parents tell me I was always asking questions when I was a little girl. As they didn’t always know how to answer me, sometimes they escaped to another room and sometimes they made up a story.

‘Mum, why do pearls live inside oysters and not in the bottom of the sea or on top of corals?’ I asked one day.

Mum was in a good mood that day, so she obliged.

‘It’s all thanks to Olga Oyster.’

‘Who’s that?’

I was so excited, I jumped onto her lap and hugged her.

‘Let me breathe and I’ll tell you. A long time ago, there was an oyster called Olga. All her friends made fun of her and told her she was very ugly, so, when she couldn’t take it anymore, she decided to visit God.’


I decided I’d have to save that snippet of information for later use. It might come in handy one day. So one could visit God just like that… Funny!

‘Really. This is what happened. God was very busy and told her he would make her shell shiny and that would solve all her problems. He covered her in glitter and Olga went back to the sea.’

‘And what happened then?’

‘Olga’s friends, who were pretty cruel, told her she looked like a pig covered in bright dust. Olga was heartbroken. She cried herself to sleep, and the next morning, she went to visit God again.’

‘Oh! You have to tell me how to do that. I might need to go and see him one day,’ I said.

‘Don’t you worry. I’ll explain later… Well, God was a bit annoyed when he saw Olga again. He had a lot of work, so he just colored her insides pink and told her her problems were solved. Olga went back home…’


‘Don’t be impatient. Let me finish…When Olga’s friends saw her, they laughed and laughed. They told her she looked ridiculous. She was so sad, she didn’t sleep a wink that night. The next morning…’

‘She went to visit God!’ I said.

‘Exactly… When God saw her, he frowned and asked her why she had come again. She explained and that time God felt sorry for her. He told her he would put a beautiful white ball inside her and said that every time she smiled her friends would see it. He also told her the little ball was one of the most precious things on earth.’


‘When Olga got back home, her friends told her she looked as ugly as usual, but she smiled and they were all astonished at the beauty inside her tummy.’

‘Did Olga live happily ever after, Mummy?’

‘Do you want to know the truth?’

‘Yes… I guess.’

‘Well, it seems the little ball was a mixed blessing. One day a man came and prised Olga open and took her little ball. The man hurt Olga so badly, that even though her friends tried to cure her, there was nothing they could do.’

‘She died?’



A tear fell down my cheek, so Mum hurriedly added.

‘But don’t worry. She went to live with God permanently and there she’s happy because nobody thinks she’s ugly even if she doesn’t have a pearl inside.’

‘What a lovely story, Mummy! Will you tell me how to go and visit God now?’

‘Maybe anther day… I’ve just remembered I’ve got to wash up now…’

She stood up and left the room. I stared at her retreating back,  wondering if she was telling the truth. But mums don’t lie, do they?

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