Thursday, August 24, 2017

Stranger Danger

I want to tell you 
The story of Bobby Bear
Who had an adventure at the zoo
Which became a big nightmare.

It was his birthday
And Mama Bear said,
‘What would you like to do today?’
Bobby thought while chewing his bread.

‘Can we go to see a snake?’
Mama said okay,
So they drove to the zoo at daybreak.
They were all ready to have a great day.

Papa Bear told Bobby to stay close to them,
But he was so excited that he wandered away.
He looked around and chewed his gum,
But when he saw he was alone, he stopped being gay.

After a while, Miss Hyena approached him
With her sharp claws and her hideous smile.
Just seeing her, made Bobby feel grim.
He only wanted to run a mile.

‘Hello, little one, are you all alone?’
Asked Miss Hyena in an unctuous voice.
‘No,’ said Bobby in a fearful tone.
Just then he saw his parents and oh did he rejoice!

Mama Bear scolded him angrily
And then hugged him hard.
‘You scared us terribly.
From leaving home you will now be barred.’

‘Don’t punish me, Mama,’
The little bear cried.
‘It wasn’t such a drama.
Please let me go outside.’

‘No, my little bear,
You must learn to obey.
We had a big scare.
We suspected foul play.’

Then Papa Bear said,
‘Well, now let’s have our fun,
The snake house is ahead.
Let’s forget the hyena. What is done is done.’

So the moral of our story is this:
Little children beware,
If you want total bliss
Remember Mummy and Daddy are the ones who care.

Stranger danger is real,
Do not walk away on your own.
You don’t want to become a meal
For a scary old crone.

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