Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Warren always went to the big house when the owners left for the day or on holiday.

His mum used to tell him not to touch anything and to be careful, but as he was only five years old and quite naughty, he didn’t pay much attention.

‘You worry too much, Mama,’ he said to her.

‘You’re so irresponsible, Warren. One day you’ll realize I was right.’

On the Friday of our story, Mr and Mrs Lennon got out of the house and into their car at five to go to the cinema.

As soon as they were out of sight, Warren rushed to their home.

He ran around the living room and ate some nice biscuits he found on the table. Then, he sat on the sofa, trying to decide what to do next.

He looked right and left and his eyes rested on the kitchen floor. He had never noticed a door there before. It was right at the bottom of the door that led to the garden and was tiny. The funny thing was, that instead of opening sideways, it seemed to have hinges on top.

‘That’s really weird,’ Warren said to himself.

Always curious, he decided to investigate. He jumped off the sofa and walked towards the kitchen. When he reached the little door, he pushed it gently to see if it was locked. To his surprise, it moved backwards.

The sudden movement made him lose his balance and he landed on his tummy.

Just then, he heard a frightful noise. A cat was meowing  nearby.

‘Where did that come from?' a scared Warren wondered.

He got his answer when the little door opened wide and he found himself facing a pair of intense green eyes and  a wicked grin.

Warren ran away as fast as his legs would carry him. When he got home, he told his mum what had happened and she explained the little door was a cat flap.

That was the last time Warren visited the big house.

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